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Mingara Recreational Centre, Mingara Dve, Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

I am the great Aunty of Leon Sandys and I had the pleasure of attending today’s grading session.
What a wonderful, uplifting experience to see a group of young people listening, focusing and performing with such precision and pride.
Congratulations to all for the organisation especially in such a challenging coronavirus time. Seating was well spaced in family groups able to witness their child placed directly in front. Much care was taken to provide a safe environment.
The encouragement given by the teacher (Sensei Pauline) was amazing. Obviously her dedication goes well beyond that of teaching karate skills to providing the children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to make positive lifelong choices thus enriching their own lives and that of others whom they engage.
Congratulations, an amazing experience.

Kind regards
Olive Maywald OAM

Olive Maywald OAM
5 October 2020

Very good service.

21 September 2020

My daughters continues to grow in confidence especially from helping in class. It's fantastic to have a school invested in their students and families of students. My kids all enjoy their classes.

21 September 2020

This program has been amazing for Josh's confidence and self esteem

21 September 2020

Damon is highly engaged in karate and continues to grow in confidence

21 September 2020

Caleb has had amazing teachers who have improved his confidence and he continues to love attending his lessons and is trying hard to be consistently focussed. Jacqui

5 January 2020

Dear Sensei Pauline,
Thank you for the lessons, the confidence and respect, the focus I'm learning and most importantly the fun I have.
from Sophie

19 November 2019

We love it here, thank you. Anni

4 July 2019

Bailey has improved significantly his teacher is so impressed with his concentration and application in his school work. Simone

4 July 2019

I love the BBMA team. Chelsea

4 July 2019

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