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You can never learn too much self defence!

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Self defence is becoming an essential part of our lives and it seems smart to be armed with the skills we need. There are some scary stories around and unfortunately violence is a part of today's modern world. At Black Belt Martial Arts we have many students and a large contingent of those tell us that they want to learn Martial arts for Self Defence. We feel safe in the knowledge that these students are empowering themselves with self defence knowledge and confidence. As such we will be holding a FREE Self Defence seminar on Saturday 5th March at 11am. Some of the things we teach our students are prevention, personal space, stay put, utilise your surroundings, how to defend yourself and the vulnerable areas to attack first.


Prevention is the best self defence! First and foremost don't get into a dangerous situation in the first place. Stay in well lit areas, avoid being alone and don't let anyone get within arms reach of you. Assailants are looking for an easy victim and a quiet one and we are not going to give them one. Use your voice be loud and confident, even if you don’t feel like it try to talk your way out of it.

Acknowledge to yourself and your children who is allowed to come in to yours and their personal space. At BBMA we have many children come to us from loving families however some people in the world are not as loving. We teach all of our students who is a safe person to enter your personal space and who we should be kept at arms length. Skills for life!

Statistics have shown that if you remain at the same spot in a self defence situation it increases your chances of escaping or deescalating the situation. Do not put yourself into a worse situation than you are already in. Never, ever go to a second location!
Use objects and your surroundings to your advantage. Place your back against a wall or a large object such as a car so that no one can grab you from behind. Identify where the nearest person is so you can go straight to them for assistance. If you are carrying a handbag there are many objects you can use such as deodorant or perfume, spray it at the assailant’s eyes, you can utilise car keys or pens.

Hit hard, hit first, hit fast! In a confrontational situation you have three seconds before you have to do something. There are some vulnerable areas of the human body to target such as the eyes, groin and knees. You don't have to be super strong or incredibly flexible to attack these areas just have the knowledge and confidence.

All of these are skills for life that we should arm ourselves and our families with. Of course there are many techniques you can learn for self defence and we specialise in teaching them in all of our programs from seven years and below in Lil dragons, to our karate and kickboxing programs. If you would like to learn more we are offering a FREE Self Defence seminar on Saturday 5th March at 11am just email tumbi@blackbeltmartialarts.com.au or phone 4388 4788 to reserve your spot.

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