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The family that kicks together sticks together!!

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It’s an old Martial Arts saying but it’s true.

I started Martial Arts with my family eight years ago as one of my daughters had a heart condition and I figured that the heart was a muscle and could only benefit from exercise. I phoned the school and booked us all in for our first lesson. They gave us a tour of the school then took us upstairs for a one on one lesson with the instructor where we learnt some self defence, blocking and fitness. I remember being surprised at how much fun it was but I was still a little sceptical. I wasn't sure if it was for me. Am I too old? Am I too unfit? I’m just a Mum I can’t do karate that was for people who look like Bruce Lee. However, after my first lesson in a regular class I was hooked and that’s how come I’m still training after eight years and my family trains alongside me.

The first thing that transformed our family was the fitness. I was getting fitter and losing weight and my nutrition habits changed and we all know whatever Mum cooks our family eats so they started to learn about healthier choices and became fitter too, setting all of us up with healthy habits for life.

Over the years we learnt a lot of self defence and we would come home excited about the new techniques and practice with each other. I could relate to my children and talk to them about a common subject Martial Arts. I went for my Black Belt alongside my family, we ran together, we practiced together and we had fun together. There aren't many sports you can actually do with your family.

One of the head instructors came up to me done day and asked me if I wanted to join their Leadership program. He told me all about the funky weapons I could learn about and more importantly to me as a Mum was the Leadership life lessons they taught. I knew my children would want to get a job one day and I wanted something that would put them ahead of the pack. I knew that their wasn't a program, I knew of, that could teach these life lessons of interdependence and being a leader. I wanted my children to be leaders not followers. I wanted them to have skills such as public speaking, interacting with people of all ages and how to get other people to do what you want by influence rather than authority.
The best thing I have ever done for my family is to enrol them in Martial Arts lessons. I know they are strong, independent people who have the confidence to do anything they want. And yes we are still kicking together and sticking together.

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