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Building resilience for life

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Building resilience for life Resilience is your ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. You demonstrate resilience when you can face difficult experiences and rise above them with ease. Resilience is a process that can be learned and people who have a positive emotionality, who can balance negative emotions with a positive one are able to cope with stress and adversity. The key factors to building resilience are positive relationships inside and outside the home, making realistic plans and taking steps to achieving them, communication and problem solving skills and the ability to manage strong impulses and feelings all of these skills can be learnt through Martial arts.

A child is raised by a community but the shape of our community has changed. Once your extended family lived close by but now they are scattered all over the globe and we rely on our schools and chosen activities to help raise our children. At Black Belt Martial Arts Mingara our instructors are Black belts who have made their life long goal one of kaizen, a journey of never ending improvement and they share their passion with their students which builds positive relationships. A good teacher doesn't teach they bring out the best in their students.

When you make realistic plans and take steps to achieve them you build resilience. In your Introductory Lesson we set a goal of Black Belt and the first step to achieving that goal is earning your white belt. We book you in for your first class on the mat with the other students and at the end of you earn your white belt. We teach you how to set goals and take the steps to reach them. Each term we work towards earning your next belt rank. During each lesson you learn your curriculum and there are two times during the term that we test for your next belt rank. This teaches students how to set a goal and how to take the steps to achieve that goal.

Communication and problem solving skills are important life skills that build resilience. In our Martial arts program we teach self discipline, self control, social skills and effective communication by instilling our Principles of Black Belt, combined these build confidence. Martial arts is a team sport where you train on the mat with your classmates but you compete with your self every training session making you fitter and stronger whilst you learn the social skills of communication and team work. Self discipline is like a muscle that you have to work out every time you train your self discipline grows. Many people have discipline where someone tells them what to do ‘Do your homework.’ or ‘Have you finished that job yet?’ Not many people have the self discipline of doing their homework without being asked or doing push ups or sit ups every week.

Life has a way of throwing many challenges our way and with it come strong impulses and feelings. Our Rock and water program teaches students to ground themselves, when to be like rock when to be like water and how to deal with those strong impulses and feelings. We utilise this program for our Lil Dragons 3 - 7 year olds, Karate program 8 - 99 years and Kickboxing students 14- 99 years. It has been so successful that we have received lots of feedback from parents including the email below. ’I want to thank you for teaching Mackenzie how to handle bullies. He has become more assertive and resilient since he has been doing Karate. Two older boys said something not very nice to him. He said, "I looked at them, growled under my breath and let their words wash over me like water and walked out of there”.’ from Michelle Mum of one of our Lil Dragon students.

There are many positive role models in Martial Arts from instructors and team leaders to fellow students who provide multiple positive relationships. Working towards a Black Belt by setting goals for your next belt, next class or next fitness challenge sets realistic plans and shows you the steps on how to achieve them. Communication and problem solving skills are developed through the self discipline, self control, confidence and social skills of training. When you commence Martial Arts your emotions and feelings and your body awareness are very close to each other causing reactions influenced by your feelings on the journey to Black Belt you learn to put some space around your feelings and how your body reacts to situations. When we learn Martial Arts we teach ourselves and our children to be resilient so we can handle anything that life throws at us and improve our community one Black Belt at a time.!

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