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Consistency brings results!

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‘Without commitment you will never start, but more importantly without consistency, you will never finish.’ Denzel Washington


After setting a goal you then need to figure out the small steps that it takes to achieve that goal. In Martial Arts the ultimate goal is Black belt and the steps to take to achieve that are repetition of techniques through consistent weekly training.


It takes strength and perseverance to be consistent especially when you don’t see instant results or there is so much to pull on your time and thoughts. Consistency can be tedious and dull as some days you will not feel like training those are the days you need to train the most as there are no shortcuts in life. 


To remain consistent keep the reason ‘why’ you want to achieve your goal foremost in your mind and schedule training times into your weekly timetable and don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of your commitment to train. 


You may encounter obstacles along the way with training such as figuring out some moves in a kata or getting better at sparring footwork. If you do then you can book in for a private one on one lesson with an instructor. Private lessons are not there to just make up stripes due to a lack of consistent training but to help solve a problem with your karate training. 


Repetition will ensure you memorise the moves by burning them into the neural-pathways of the brain and into muscle memory then your brain and body become accustom to the moves and you get faster at executing them. When you practice the moves over and over again the brain sees the correct form and can go to the correct position instantaneously.


Repetition is how you learn sound principles. You learn them mentally first, see the logic of them, then practice them so the body understands them. You practice moves in a way that is most economical, no extra movement and you align the body and its parts correctly to make your moves effective. 


Only through consistent training will you achieve your goals. 


Lil Dragons Tournament a huge success!!!

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Over 190 Lil Dragons competed at our annual tournament on Saturday 8/9/18.

We started the day with our Mini Dragons (18-36 months) with an emphasis on jumping in and giving everything a go. They showed great listening skills and even packed up the equipment when they were done. Next up were the Tiny Dragons (3-4 years) with a huge division who were very patient and focused. The Lil Dragons had three divisions Champions, Warriors and Hereos. They showed off all of their skills to their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends during the tag sparrign, bag pushing and kata events. 

Everybody showed great sportsmanship and respect for the entire Tournament. 

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year showing their awesome skills and we thank the team for helping to run such a smooth day.


International Guest instructor

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Kyoshi Dave Kovar teaches awesome seminar!

International Guest instructor
On Monday night we were blessed to have Kyoshi Dave Kovar a lifetime martial artist visit our school all the way from Sacramento. We picked him up from Sydney airport that morning and took him straight to the Mingara Recreation Club. He said that he has not seen such an impressive facility before and proceeded to do a live Facebook feed from the school. That evening he taught a three hour seminar on sparring, self defence and teaching skills. Over 44 students learned and laughed their way through the seminar enhancing their martial arts skills.

World Karate Federation photo competition

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World Karate Federation photo competition

Everyone is training hard to achieve their goals of representing their country at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020 for karate which has been selected as an Olympic event for the very first time. 

The World Karate Federation has hosted a world wide photo competition celebrating karatekas everywhere on their journey. 

Our very own Sensei Adrian snapped an awesome photo of Sensei Grace, an instructor at BBMA Mingara, training outside of Mingara Recreation Centre, which was submitted to the competition. 

There were fifty photos submitted and the voting was opened to the general public from places such as India, Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia and the United States. After weeks of voting the top five were selected and released. Sensei Grace's photo was selected in third place a great honour for her and Black Belt Martial Arts on the world stage.



Open Day

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Celebrating 30 years on the Central Coast!

Building resilience for life

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Building resilience for life Resilience is your ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity. You demonstrate resilience when you can face difficult experiences and rise above them with ease. Resilience is a process that can be learned and people who have a positive emotionality, who can balance negative emotions with a positive one are able to cope with stress and adversity. The key factors to building resilience are positive relationships inside and outside the home, making realistic plans and taking steps to achieving them, communication and problem solving skills and the ability to manage strong impulses and feelings all of these skills can be learnt through Martial arts.


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Training in karate gives your child a whole lot of benefits. It gives them skills, confidence and often helps with their self-esteem.

Karate classes can help your child do better in school

Karate helps with the development of a lot of skills that students need such as discipline, organisation, focus, goal setting and improving cognitive function.


The family that kicks together sticks together!!

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It’s an old Martial Arts saying but it’s true.

I started Martial Arts with my family eight years ago as one of my daughters had a heart condition and I figured that the heart was a muscle and could only benefit from exercise. I phoned the school and booked us all in for our first lesson. They gave us a tour of the school then took us upstairs for a one on one lesson with the instructor where we learnt some self defence, blocking and fitness. I remember being surprised at how much fun it was but I was still a little sceptical. I wasn't sure if it was for me. Am I too old? Am I too unfit? I’m just a Mum I can’t do karate that was for people who look like Bruce Lee. However, after my first lesson in a regular class I was hooked and that’s how come I’m still training after eight years and my family trains alongside me.

You can never learn too much self defence!

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Self defence is becoming an essential part of our lives and it seems smart to be armed with the skills we need. There are some scary stories around and unfortunately violence is a part of today's modern world. At Black Belt Martial Arts we have many students and a large contingent of those tell us that they want to learn Martial arts for Self Defence. We feel safe in the knowledge that these students are empowering themselves with self defence knowledge and confidence. As such we will be holding a FREE Self Defence seminar on Saturday 5th March at 11am. Some of the things we teach our students are prevention, personal space, stay put, utilise your surroundings, how to defend yourself and the vulnerable areas to attack first.

Bullying let’s stamp it out together!

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A Dad came in to enrol his daughter in our Karate program as she was being bullied because of her curly hair. She was three years old!

This year an estimated 18 million children will be affected by bullying. Every 7 minutes a child is bullied in a school playground. An epidemic of cyber bullying has inspired a whole new kind of cruelty among children. Every day, as many as 160,000 children stay home because they feel unsafe at school.

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