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EMAIL: tumbi@blackbeltmartialarts.com.au
Mingara Recreational Centre, Mingara Dve, Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

Cage Fitness

Cage Fitness is a complete workout program that is designed to cater to people at all levels of fitness. Cage Fitness is based on the training regime and fitness level of an MMA participant. What this means is that Cage Fitness will give you a total body workout in just 5 – 5 minute rounds with a one minute rest in between. There are four key elements that are focused on: endurance, strength, power and core. This is accomplished through our 5 round fitness system which is broken up into the following categories: Warm Up, Upper Body, Lower Body, Combo Round and Cool Down/Core.

The best part about Cage Fitness is that an individual can customise their workout by adjusting their intensity level to best suit their personal fitness goals. Each 5 minute round incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic exercises that will help maximise burning fat while also gaining muscle all in a short thirty minute session. This system of training allows the participant to burn more calories while increasing ones metabolism. Trial a class if you are game enough!

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