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Mingara Recreational Centre, Mingara Dve, Tumbi Umbi NSW 2261

- Being a Karate Parent

Being a Karate Parent You can help coach your child to Black Belt success by:

  • Always complimenting your child after class. Children should always associate karate with feelings of success and pride.
  • Be there to watch your child up to 75% of the time. Get involved, be your child’s No. 1 fan and cheer leader. Attend Graduations and bring friends, your child has worked hard, celebrate with them.
  • Trying to avoid being a drop off parent. It’s a well known fact that kids who drop out of karate typically have parents who don’t take the time to get involved.
  • Getting into a regular schedule as much as possible so children can mentally prepare for class straight after school. Leave the TV off after school, especially before karate.
  • Leading by example. Eat healthy, drink water, have a positive attitude. Deal with stress and challenges the same way you would like your child to.


We also hold special events such as:

  • Parents’ night out
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Programs
  • Bring a buddy days
  • Exciting graduation days

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