BBMA Lifeskills – Do it the 1st time Your family is a team and you are a very important part of that team. When your Captains “your parents” ask you to do something it’s very important that you do it the first time. Start by doing your chores, homework and tasks the first time you are asked. The shows you are being […]

BBMA Lifeskills – respect for teachers Teachers show us how to use our minds and bodies and encourage us to succeed. They help us become the best we can be. The biggest gift you can give your teachers, and that’s your Sensei as well, is your total attention, enthusiasm and respect. By showing respect you are being awesome.

BBMA Lifeskills – get ready for school Did you know that when you are late you are stealing from other peoples time? It’s important to be organised in the morning and start the day on the right foot. If you are often late, try preparing the night before or get up 10 minutes earlier. Sure sometimes things happen that make us […]